Today again I found myself all alone standing

And saw the memories of the distant past landing

Though I want to get rid of even you ghosts

But I know you are the person I think of the most

Life with you was a sweet wind of bliss

Moments spent with you are the most I miss

I thought of the sweet days we spent together

And longed to go back there forever

The joys and laughter still echo in my heart

It’s unbelievable that now we’re so far apart

Playing pranks on each other was the only thing that mattered

Things have changed now and dreams have been shattered

Picking up wild flowers, beyond the road’s end

I said “I Love You” ‘coz I could no more pretend

Boxes of chocolates and bunch of Yellow Roses

Gifts given by you are still in my closets

Watching the sun go down, walking on the shore

Holding your hand tightly, I could ask for no more

Your sweet smile and your eyes are still in vision so clear

I couldn’t understand, why you left after coming so near

Your presence in my life was so very measured

Your each little activity since then has been treasured

Still there were feelings and words untold

Life has so many things to unfold

Your departure took my happy days in a sway

It’s hard to believe that now you are


With the wind away and away and away.

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