Category: Poetry

  • Names and Games

    Names and Games

    Your texts always started with “hi…” My replies always began with “love…” Your mouth found it difficult to say my name Yours in return rolled off my tongue Numerous telling gestures Several upfront lines Yet you chose to ignore What was right in front of your eyes It was all a game to you For…

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  • Me and My Heart

    Me and My Heart

    I have sliced out my heart It now sits in a carved glass dome On the bedside table Glowing ever so lightly in the dark Every time your name is evoked Contrary to what I thought It did not stop beating I did not stop breathing We both, did not stop crying A gaping hole…

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  • Lie


    One year Two trips And Sixteen dates later I finally told a lie That I like you Because truth be told I have been in love All this while And still don’t have The courage to say Those words out loud You need time to think I need one night of sleep Between your thinking…

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  • Leads Me Back

    Leads Me Back

    Every path ventured All options exhausted Beat the chest to numb Trying to convince That these feelings Don’t matter Yet each time At each step Every road Leads me back To your soul

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  • Solivagant


    What does the breeze feel when it touches your face? What colours do the sunsets paint in your eyes? Do mornings bring the same smile to your lips? What sonatas do stars play in your mind? How do the autumn leaves feel under your feet? What does the crisp winter chill make you feel? Do…

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  • The Other Side

    The Other Side

    On the other side of sleep There is a world Where you are mine In that world You are loving and I am happier Where Our souls meet along with our hands Where Smiles are accompanied with Twinkling stars

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  • Ardor


    I want to fly away from here From the endlessness that I fear From the wreckage of emotions From the turmoil of notions In the powerless silent reveries In the powerful reckless air I look back at the memories To find some comfort there Inside the darkness of resounding calls Are engulfed images of subdued…

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  • Silence


    Above the clutter of human voices Above the realms of sanity Silence speaks a thousand words If you listen without your vanity A twinkling eye, a zestful smile An untold word, awaits a while Frozen spaces, frozen time Frozen thoughts, a mere mime Every moment and every sight An unforgettable era of delight A wonderland…

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  • Frenzied Self

    Frenzied Self

    Thorns of many a judgements Like truth I have plucked From the dark corners of my heart To die a new death everyday Still….I sit in my own splendour And gaze at the winds of change I fight against time and space To acquire a portion of my sky I see the dance of fury…

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  • Eternal Love

    Eternal Love

    Far across the horizon The sky kisses the earth ‘n clouds with silver lining Brings warmth to the heart The purple of the sky Gets deeper every moment Seems as though the passion Brings glow with every movement The could overcast ‘n Darken the earth’s hue The fear of separation Turns ecstasy to few The…

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