• Ethereality

    The loveliness of that moment was so fragile That i didn’t even want to breathe Lest it disturb the ethereality of the magic That was created by us being there

  • Perfect

    Loving you comes so easy Because Even in all your imperfections To me You are perfect

  • Flowing

    I stood there Drinking from your eyes All the love That was flowing from mine

  • Undoing

    Those eyes were the foreboding Of the things to come The damage had already been done She knew that till the end of her days He will remain her undoing

  • Dripped

    Her eyes dripped with all That her lips could not say

  • Walls

    I lost all the walls that I had carefully created Perfectly protecting myself From this thing called ‘love’ In a moment Everything has come clambering down

  • Places

    In the places that you touched My soul and my heart Those pieces are forever lost to me There will always be a void Where love for you Once lived in my being

  • Trapped

    And when I wanted to say something The words felt rusty in my mouth Love had been trapped for so long inside That now free, i didn’t know how to express it

  • Dream

    Even if just in a dream For once you were mine and I was yours I held you and you held me And it was beautiful This will suffice for an eternity For the love that I feel And one that I cant express

  • Prayer

    I like the way you walked into my life Gently and with reckless abandon Like you had always lived inside me Like a prayer that was long forgotten

  • Hazel

    It was always about that Beautiful mind It was always about those Hazel eyes

  • Fragrance

    I reek of the moments Spent with you My whole life is A fragrance of your thoughts

  • Desire to Dust

    Desire to fire Fire to ashes Ashes to dust This I endure As I must May I be able to dissolve you May I be able to dissolve me

  • Spaces

    That’s how I love you In the spaces between The silence of my heart And The chaos of my mind

  • Numb

    I don’t know what scares me more The pain of remembering, or The numbness of forgetting

  • Witness

    Under these stars I chose you Under a moonless sky I let you go May this night remain Witness to my love May the heavens remain Witness to my loss

  • Spoken

    I once said to you “There are some things that should not be spoken” I just didn’t know That you would become one of them

  • Insurmountable

    Crumbling under the weight of the past Every syllable seemed meaningless Pressed with the ecstasy of the unknown Every moment seemed insurmountable

  • Death of Me

    You are my poison Killing me softly In the end, I know You will be The death of me

  • Busy

    You were always too busy Finding parts of me That you could reject I was always too busy Finding parts of you That I could accept

  • Goodbye

    I am taking your memories and smile with me I am leaving my heart and love with you Can this still be called goodbye?

  • Fleeting

    Happiness is a fleeting, fragile thing You hang to every scrap of memory Of that moment In the hope To make it survive Or last longer

  • Magic

    If everything is said It loses it’s magic So darling Let’s say nothing And hear everything

  • Destiny

    I have waited for you As a part of my destiny That was never meant to be

  • Empty

    I am filled with your thoughts Yet, I feel empty within

  • Stardust

    You are stardust You are magic You are the dream That I don’t want to wake up from

  • Listen

    Listen to the winds And talk to the stars!

  • Ache

    Just a look from you Takes my breath to a frenzy Makes my body ache for yours You undress me with your eyes With your words Without ever touching me once

  • Cruel

    The cruel joke of the Gods has begun again The heavens are reverberating with Sounds of laughter All at my expense Yet again

  • Constant

    There is a dream that is undreamt There is a pain that I endure Between these two The only constant Is my love for you