• Fragrance

    I reek of the moments Spent with you My whole life is A fragrance of your thoughts

  • Desire to Dust

    Desire to fire Fire to ashes Ashes to dust This I endure As I must May I be able to dissolve you May I be able to dissolve me

  • Spaces

    That’s how I love you In the spaces between The silence of my heart And The chaos of my mind

  • Numb

    I don’t know what scares me more The pain of remembering, or The numbness of forgetting

  • Witness

    Under these stars I chose you Under a moonless sky I let you go May this night remain Witness to my love May the heavens remain Witness to my loss

  • Spoken

    I once said to you “There are some things that should not be spoken” I just didn’t know That you would become one of them

  • Insurmountable

    Crumbling under the weight of the past Every syllable seemed meaningless Pressed with the ecstasy of the unknown Every moment seemed insurmountable

  • Death of Me

    You are my poison Killing me softly In the end, I know You will be The death of me

  • Busy

    You were always too busy Finding parts of me That you could reject I was always too busy Finding parts of you That I could accept

  • Goodbye

    I am taking your memories and smile with me I am leaving my heart and love with you Can this still be called goodbye?

  • Fleeting

    Happiness is a fleeting, fragile thing You hang to every scrap of memory Of that moment In the hope To make it survive Or last longer

  • Magic

    If everything is said It loses it’s magic So darling Let’s say nothing And hear everything

  • Destiny

    I have waited for you As a part of my destiny That was never meant to be

  • Empty

    I am filled with your thoughts Yet, I feel empty within

  • Stardust

    You are stardust You are magic You are the dream That I don’t want to wake up from

  • Listen

    Listen to the winds And talk to the stars!

  • Ache

    Just a look from you Takes my breath to a frenzy Makes my body ache for yours You undress me with your eyes With your words Without ever touching me once

  • Cruel

    The cruel joke of the Gods has begun again The heavens are reverberating with Sounds of laughter All at my expense Yet again

  • Constant

    There is a dream that is undreamt There is a pain that I endure Between these two The only constant Is my love for you

  • Glow

    You are my calm in the storm You are also my chaos You are softness and warmth You are the glow that lights my soul

  • Void

    A silent space A hollow moment An echo An empty feeling A tear rolled down I ask myself again Why?

  • When

    In the mornings when I find my pillow damp I wonder When did the pain become so deep That tears fall subconsciously even in the sleep

  • Let Me

    You are like a memory that was Awakened after a deep long slumber And just to prove to myself That this is not a dream Let me hold your hand Let me kiss your lips Let me melt into your embrace

  • Afraid

    I am not afraid of forgetting I am afraid of remembering

  • Fire

    One look with that Fire in your hazel eyes And I turn into poetry

  • Hoping

    I kiss you with my eyes I touch you with my soul I feel you in my breath Hoping all along that You feel it too

  • I Want

    I lost my heart to you along the way I want to ask you to stay I want to say I miss you I want to say I love you

  • Sigh

    Never a full breath Always a sigh……

  • Starlit

    I am in love with: The starlit galaxies in your eyes The corners of your mouth when you smile The honey sweet words that mesmerise The spirited soul that sets free mine

  • Easily

    How easily a whole new moment is created How easily it all turns into a memory