Stolen Moments

When skies above roll like wineskins

And clouds like thunderclap comes

The lightning flashes across the skies

And rains in dew drops come

All this takes me back

To moments frozen in time and space

When I was still a child

And things had no pace

Playing on the sea shore

Making castles out of sand

Admiring the deep blue sea

And holding its water in the hand

The dew drops on the leaves

Seems like pearls of the ocean

The flowers, bees, colors, and trees

Everything had a rhythmic motion

I remember my school days clearly

Staying in a hostel with friends

Have late-night talks on supernatural things

Were our everyday trends

Playing, eating, sleeping, studying

We did everything together

And made ‘maggi’ in mugs

With the cold water in pitcher

When caught by the matron

We had a good lot of beating

And as a punishment

Had to spend the day without eating

Holidays were the best thing

There was merriment in the air

Every child packing their things

We had a ‘dormitory fair’

Nature was so close to me

Everything so magnificent

Happiness surrounded every moment

And every activity so innocent

Those days are gone now

Like a sweet wind of bliss

Never to return back again

But all memories to miss

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