Changing Times

Suddenly a strong wind comes

And takes all things in a sway

The clouds of unhappiness linger

With moments bereft and far away

The people whom I knew and loved

Now I feel have changed much

But people say, its me who’s changed

And not the world as such

Things change with changing times

And moments swiftly pass with wings

‘tis hard to hold them together

And change them back to normal things

People come and go by, with times

Pausing a moment to stay with us

And leaving us behind them

They give memories to nourish us

Cherishing those moments sometimes

Bring tears to the eyes

And haunts the lonely soul

As it sadly and slowly flies

The sunny spell with flowers in bloom

And the romantic daytime rains

Takes back to times, spent with you

Then gives all possible pains

Sometimes I wonder ‘bout the past

Had you not come into my life

I wouldn’t have known love

Though now I only strive

You came and you went away

Giving both happiness and sadness

Still, I love you and love you

To the extent of madness

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