Tales of Insomnia

Beaming morning greetings said – check

Laughter shared over coffee breaks – check

Small talks made with fellow humans – check

Emails sent – check

Drinks clinked – check

Calls made at home – check

Responses sent for pending WhatsApp – check

Scroll through Instagram and Facebook – check

Only 11:00 pm – maybe flip through Netflix?

Midnight – tucked into bed, eyes shut tight, praying that sleep will be kind today

1:15 am – the incessant crying of a kitten outside the window stirs the eyes open; staring at the ceiling; it’s funny how even in the dark eyes adjust to the objects around; what was that conversation during tea break today; ok, this is not helping, need to shut out the chatter; unlock the phone and scroll mindlessly through images of faraway lands on Instagram

2:25 am – the phone is flipped back near the pillow and the blanket is pulled over the head in hope that sleep might slip in; turning sides to find a comfortable position on the bed, in my skin and inside my head; I give up – get up and walk up to the refrigerator and bite into a piece of dark chocolate

3:05 am – a bike zooms by; a lizard makes noisy clicks on the wall outside the window; the smoke from the lit cigarette swirls around the book; I should try to photograph this with a shaft of morning sunlight maybe!

4:00 am – outside the milk truck backs up with beeps and comes to a halt, crates clank against the metal body as they are unloaded; standing in the balcony I watch the world start to arise when I haven’t even gone to bed yet; I crawl back into bed yet again and lie there with eyes wide open

4:30 am – the call of the muezzin begins; memories of the small room adjoining my parents’ room come flooding by; church bells from a distant past runs a shiver up the entire body; bloody fucking memories!

4:45 am – bury the face under the pillow to drown out the 25-year old muffled sounds that refuse to go away and haunt me each day

5:20 am – stare at the outline of the fan hanging on the ceiling; birds begin to chirp outside; rusty sounds of the brush of the sweepers cleaning the streets; street lamps are switched off; the calm deep blue sky with a hint of orange peeks from behind a canopy of trees

5:30 am – flip the phone up, look at the blinding screen light and squint my eyes; close the screen

Time to be a master of disguise once again!

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