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Tanya is my favourite tarot reader in the whole world: she’s intuitive and kind, she listens, encourages, warns. If you’re looking for answers to the great questions of life that still feel human and doable, she should be your first choice. I always leave our sessions refreshed, resolute and confident.

Agatha, Belgium

What a positive experience! I had a Tarot reading with Tanya today and everything she said was spot on. She provided extraordinary detail describing what I have been going through in my life, gave me suggestions about how to deal with the negative aspects of it and above all – made me look forward to the future. She was also very sweet, professional and very comforting. I highly recommend Tanya to anyone who is going through a difficult moment in their life or is just curious about what the future holds in store.

D. Georgieva, New York

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About Tanya

Tanya holds a degree in Psychology from University of Oxford, Science of Well-Being from Yale University, and Integrative Health and Medicine with a focus on Aromatherapy and Herbal Medicine from University of Minnesota.

She has been a practicing Tarot Card Reader and a Reiki Master for over a decade. She also works with Crystals, Colours, and Meditations.

“Further” has been her guiding star. The gifts of this path are endless. She believes that all action begins in the spirit. Come and know your spirit and your inner self.

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