October 2021

The beginning of the month is high in energy and makes you feel like you are on top of the world. And rightfully so! Whatever you put your intentions into will be accelerated and have long-term benefits. It is a good time to start ay new projects and even close deals that have been in the pipeline. Go for it and you will be rewarded for your courage and enthusiasm.

A relationship, specifically a love connection has the potential to blossom this month. There are paths that you thought were closed that are now opening up. Look ahead with hope and say yes to your destiny that is at the threshold. You have been holding back your emotions for far too long now. Has that helped in any way? So why not try to go the way the universe is guiding you? Have faith and take a step forward in this beautiful new phase that is opening up for you.

In friendships, this month might be a mixed bag. You will face disappointments and feel rejected by people you feel close intimacy with. Understand that these situations have been brewing for some time now and these emotions are coming up for you to acknowledge and heal. Almost all the time, when we face disappointments in relationships, we tend to find a reason behind them. What if the reason is just your expectations?