October 2021

Safe to say that this is the month of love and intimacy. There are choices to be made. A relationship that you have been mulling over, comes to the forefront and you must decide on the next step in your journey. Avoid being tempted with numerous options, they do not serve any purpose. You know in your heart what really brings you joy, so stop procrastinating and take the step forward.

If you are able to make this choice, there are blessings in abundance waiting for you. Love shines down in your life and brings everything that you have been praying for. Open your hands and receive the grace that is flowing into your life. Appreciate, acknowledge and be grateful for what has been bestowed upon you. Be open to love as love is being open to you.

This abundant energy also flows into other areas of your life in the latter part of the month. There is an opportunity for a long-blocked money matter to resolve. You may also receive some unexpected windfall from family. Losses will be cut and you will be able to push through much-needed financial security. Be prudent with your spending patterns.