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Ways to access your Inner Energy

Energy around us is the best form of healing available and it is not difficult to harness this goodness on an everyday basis.   Small simple adjustments to your surroundings can work like magic in raising your energy level.   Here are few tips from Feng Shui on accessing your own inner energy!

Chakras, Crystals

Black Tourmaline For Protection

Tourmaline is found my many colours, however, it is the Black Tourmaline that is known as most potent for protection.  It cleanses, purifies and transforms any dense energy and into a light vibration energy.  Its qualities include clearing and balancing the chakras, grounding the spiritual energy and last but not the least, forming a protective… Continue reading Black Tourmaline For Protection

Chakras, Vaastu/Feng Shui

Himalayan Rock Salt To Dispel Negative Energy

The health benefits of including Himalayan Rock Salt (see picture) in food are widely known, but did you know that it is also used to clean the energy of the house and remove any negative energy from the aura? These pink rock crystals are conveniently found in most food outlets.  Here is how you can… Continue reading Himalayan Rock Salt To Dispel Negative Energy