What does the breeze feel when it touches your face?

What colours do the sunsets paint in your eyes?

Do mornings bring the same smile to your lips?

What sonatas do stars play in your mind?

How do the autumn leaves feel under your feet?

What does the crisp winter chill make you feel?

Do the first flakes of snow make you stand in awe?

Is that the silence you were looking for?

The Other Side

On the other side of sleep

There is a world

Where you are mine

In that world

You are loving and I am happier


Our souls meet along with our hands


Smiles are accompanied with

Twinkling stars


I want to fly away from here

From the endlessness that I fear

From the wreckage of emotions

From the turmoil of notions

In the powerless silent reveries

In the powerful reckless air

I look back at the memories

To find some comfort there

Inside the darkness of resounding calls

Are engulfed images of subdued wrath

Ironically, within all this chaos

I am still led to a serener path


Above the clutter of human voices

Above the realms of sanity

Silence speaks a thousand words

If you listen without your vanity

A twinkling eye, a zestful smile

An untold word, awaits a while

Frozen spaces, frozen time

Frozen thoughts, a mere mime

Every moment and every sight

An unforgettable era of delight

A wonderland of thoughts and dreams

Treasures of love with endless seams