Tag: life

  • Places

    In the places that you touched My soul and my heart Those pieces are forever lost to me There will always be a void Where love for you Once lived in my being

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  • Trapped

    And when I wanted to say something The words felt rusty in my mouth Love had been trapped for so long inside That now free, i didn’t know how to express it

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  • Dream

    Even if just in a dream For once you were mine and I was yours I held you and you held me And it was beautiful This will suffice for an eternity For the love that I feel And one that I cant express

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  • Leads Me Back

    Leads Me Back

    Every path ventured All options exhausted Beat the chest to numb Trying to convince That these feelings Don’t matter Yet each time At each step Every road Leads me back To your soul

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  • Prayer

    I like the way you walked into my life Gently and with reckless abandon Like you had always lived inside me Like a prayer that was long forgotten

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  • Hazel

    It was always about that Beautiful mind It was always about those Hazel eyes

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  • Fragrance

    I reek of the moments Spent with you My whole life is A fragrance of your thoughts

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  • Solivagant


    What does the breeze feel when it touches your face? What colours do the sunsets paint in your eyes? Do mornings bring the same smile to your lips? What sonatas do stars play in your mind? How do the autumn leaves feel under your feet? What does the crisp winter chill make you feel? Do…

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  • Desire to Dust

    Desire to fire Fire to ashes Ashes to dust This I endure As I must May I be able to dissolve you May I be able to dissolve me

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  • Spaces

    That’s how I love you In the spaces between The silence of my heart And The chaos of my mind

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