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  • On Aloneness, Loneliness, Silence

    On Aloneness, Loneliness, Silence

    Up in the high Himalayas, there is a sacred lake, in the shape of a crescent moon, emerald blue surrounded by snowcapped peaks. In the early hours of the day, when the sun has not yet broken into the world, there is a serene calmness here. The still waters that create mirror reflections of the […]

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  • Names and Games

    Names and Games

    Your texts always started with “hi…” My replies always began with “love…” Your mouth found it difficult to say my name Yours in return rolled off my tongue Numerous telling gestures Several upfront lines Yet you chose to ignore What was right in front of your eyes It was all a game to you For […]

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  • Ethereality

    The loveliness of that moment was so fragile That i didn’t even want to breathe Lest it disturb the ethereality of the magic That was created by us being there

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  • Perfect

    Loving you comes so easy Because Even in all your imperfections To me You are perfect

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  • Flowing

    I stood there Drinking from your eyes All the love That was flowing from mine

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  • Me and My Heart

    Me and My Heart

    I have sliced out my heart It now sits in a carved glass dome On the bedside table Glowing ever so lightly in the dark Every time your name is evoked Contrary to what I thought It did not stop beating I did not stop breathing We both, did not stop crying A gaping hole […]

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  • Undoing

    Those eyes were the foreboding Of the things to come The damage had already been done She knew that till the end of her days He will remain her undoing

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  • Dripped

    Her eyes dripped with all That her lips could not say

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  • Walls

    I lost all the walls that I had carefully created Perfectly protecting myself From this thing called ‘love’ In a moment Everything has come clambering down

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  • Lie


    One year Two trips And Sixteen dates later I finally told a lie That I like you Because truth be told I have been in love All this while And still don’t have The courage to say Those words out loud You need time to think I need one night of sleep Between your thinking […]

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