December 2021

There will be a start of a new phase towards the end of the month that indicates change and progression. The fire in your belly is burning bright and will give you the much-needed push to take steps towards your dreams – be it personal, professional, or spiritual. The time is ripe for you to begin and head into your goals. You will have the luck and destiny to fulfill your desires.

Be steadfast on your path right now to the extent of having tunnel vision. There is no place for any distractions as you are stepping into the next part of your journey. You have come a long way and gathered valuable lessons that will play a great part in the future. Have patience with people and step away from situations if they do not align with your goals. You know exactly what you want, so go for it and don’t get stuck just because others around you do not understand your longings.

Balance that is the need of the hour. The dance of creation and death is eternal and it is this which brings a harmonious equilibrium to the universe. Keep all that you have started, in motion, for they are the building blocks of the next phase of your life. Be flexible and adaptable to any situation and keep an open heart and mind.