October 2021

The blackbird of happiness is singing at your doorstep and beckoning you to come out of your shell and open your heart. There is a song that only you can sing and music that your soul dances to. Stop restraining yourself so much. Life is generous to those that have the courage to be vulnerable and open. This month, use this opportunity to dance in your power. Your dreams are waiting for you patiently to reach out to them so they can take flight.

Love is in the air this month as you rekindle an existing romance or meet that special someone who will become a long-term partner. There is an abundance of joy and happiness in genuine intimacy that will enter your life. You are being called upon to not sabotage this blossoming and let the energy flow. Don’t allow past hurts to impact your present and future.

Be cautious in money matters this month. Absolutely avoid lending any money to anyone this month, even to friends or family. This will only sour the relationships in the future and also see no returns. Money given out of charity is good, but there needs to be moderation in everything. There are financial losses on the cards, but if you can be discretionary with your spending, this phase will pass quickly.