October 2021

This month, your intellect will be sharp and focused. Make use of this opportunity to torque through any pending tasks and projects that you have been procrastinating on. You are being a window to sort out any old responsibilities so that it may pave way for new ones to come in. There will be support from your seniors and bosses at the workplace. You will be able to accomplish much more than you set out to do.

However, in the midst of all this high energy, there is also a word of caution that the cards convey. Be aware of your own blinding beliefs and try to look at situations from others’ perspectives as well. Every situation has two sides to it – are you sure you are getting the whole picture? Instead of relying on information received from others, do your own research and then reach a logical conclusion. Be wary of people who you know to be deceptive.

Towards the latter part of the month, there is a sense of unease brewing up. This is the time to stop and reflect. There are ideas that have strong convictions, but now is not the time to act upon them. Utilize this time to observe, plan, and decide on the next steps. Call upon your mentors and elders for guidance. There will be a lot of time in the next few months to execute your ideas, right now, let them marinate and see what comes up.