December 2021

This month you might be inclined to act on your impulses, however, the card advises that you remain composed and compassionate to situations and yourself. Unnecessarily forcing yourself to move forward when it is not yet time, might only result in more frustrations. Try letting go and surrendering the situations and have faith in the divine timing for things to unfold. There is a time to work and time to rest – with the close of the year, this is your time to rest and rejuvenate.

This energy might also manifest in clinginess and trying to be in control. You need to be extremely cautious about not allowing this to take over your life. What you think might liberate you with meticulous planning, is only ever building a cage around your life with restrictions. Allow yourself to be playful with the stream of life. The more you try to tighten the grip, the more the sand rushes out. Relax and let go of this illusion that you can control anything.

Towards the end of the month, the themes revolve around victory and triumph. All the trials and tribulations of this year are coming to a neat close along with the year-end. You have prevailed and overcome obstacles that you weren’t sure you would have been able to. Revel in your strength and step into your personal power with confidence. This is your time to shine now. You have come out of the most difficult phase of your life and all that remains ahead is smooth seas to sail through.