October 2021

A particularly challenging month where you might feel low on energy. Take heart and don’t be disappointed. It is short-lived and this too shall pass. There is a possibility of a breaking down of something that you have been putting your blood and sweat into. But be rest assured that anything that is taken away from us is only because they do not align with our life’s journey. There is no reason to stand among the ruins, instead focus on rebuilding and expanding.

Don’t hold on to defeats – release and let go of any expectations of how things should have been. Instead, trust in the workings of the universe and be open to what is being shown to you. Rigidity at this time will be a folly. It only makes the pain that much more difficult. What is gone, has served its purpose. What awaits is where you need to move towards. Let the things fall, that is being cut away. Avoid going into past patterns and behaviors.

The cards also advise you to be restrained in your communications. Lashing out at people or being passive-aggressive will be destructive to your relationships. Know that what is happening was supposed to happen and it is no one’s fault. Avoid any need for confrontations and arguments. Try and practice gratitude for what is rather than mulling over what is lost.