October 2021

A month that is filled with high energy and enthusiasm! There are things to look forward to. This is the time for you to sit back and enjoy the ride that the universe has in the works. You will feel the strength to work on your plans, courage to take risks, and vigor to enjoy life. These are blessings from the universe, be grateful and accept them with open arms and humility. You are been given wings, make use of them and fly!

This month will also see celebrations (and why not – it’s your birthday month after all!). your social life will be active and there will be numerous moments of deep connections with friends and family. Your soul will feel full and nourished with the much-needed gatherings and banter. There is also a possibility of engagements on the cards.

This beaming energy will also permeate into creative and artistic pursuits, including work and business. There are opportunities that are ripe for plucking and you will receive support from all quarters of your life. If you have been skeptical about any decisions that needed to be made, now is the time for it. You can’t go wrong, listen to your intuition, it is guiding you on the right path.