October 2021

The month starts out strong and grounded where you will be able to make practical decisions in money and career. This stems from your past observations which are ready to yield results. You have a strong sense of fairness that shines through this month in all your decisions. Although be careful not to commit to any dealings or lending money. Push these for a few weeks if that is possible.

The cards ask you to cater to your soul – spend time doing something you really enjoy. Taking time out is not a privilege, but a necessity in this journey. It could be something as small as indulging in a hobby that has been pushed to the back burner. Is there an activity that has been on your mind for months but has been pushed aside due to time constraints? Now is the time to pay attention and intention towards them.

In terms of interactions, you need to be extra cautious this month. There will be disagreements and differences in opinions with people around you. Understand that everyone is operating from their lived version and it is nothing personal. Take a step back and respond versus reacting. If something doesn’t matter in the next five years, why spend time and energy on for even five minutes. Be judicious in your communications.