October 2021

This month there is chaotic energy that will leave you perplexed and moody. Pay attention to your feelings, as they are the pathway to understanding yourself. Just like the two-edged sword, there will be situations that feel too edgy. You may feel people are being unreasonable. Understand that everyone is operating from their own version of reality and it has nothing to do with you. On the other hand, this is also a great month to fine-tune your mental acuity by involving yourself in some intellectual pursuits.

There is a ‘head in the clouds’ vibe which may create misunderstandings. You may also encounter situations that will leave you feeling foggy and unable to think clearly. Do yourself a favour, and take a break. It’s okay to really stop once in a while and take a step back to gather the bigger picture. Be aware of your addictions and patterns, as they will have a tendency to exert control over your actions. Take the approach of respond rather than react.

You may also feel impulsive during this time, but the cards ask you to be cautious. It is good to follow your gut instincts, but that doesn’t mean that you need to take immediate action on everything that your intuition tells you. Assess, observe, and make a choice – obviously with your gut feeling. Being practical along with listening to your heart requires a delicate balance.