October 2021

For all your practicality, be prepared for the universe to throw a curveball at you, albeit a happy one! Matters of the heart take center stage this month and even though you may want to deny the feelings that are coming up, it will be best for you to work with them, rather than avoid them. What we avoid, always persists. So, this month when you are being given a glimpse of a budding new romance, be open to it and honor the blessing.

You will need to make a decision as well where love is concerned, and it will need to be a clear and decisive one. There is no more room to beat around the bush. This is the time to be fearless and speak your mind (or rather heart). You will be supported and you need to have faith that what will unfold, will be for your highest good. The energies are potent and any procrastination is not advised at this time.

Look within yourself to derive strength for the connection of your soul to the soul of the universe. All that you need is already there within you and all you need to do is go within to harness that power. Past wounds and hurts have become a guiding light that will not lead you astray. It is only through challenges that our being has an opportunity to shine. This month you are being called upon to trust that inner power and make a move into love.