October 2021

A mixed bag this month that sees blessings flowing in the relationship sector but the cards ask you to be cautious with finances. With everything that you have experience in the past year, you have been made ready to shift into a powerful state of emotional maturity and resilience. You will be called upon by acquaintances for guidance and will be required to lend a shoulder to people in your life. You not only have the capacity but also mental space to be of help right now.

This month there will be opportunities for social connections. A budding new relationship is also on the cards. If you have been feeling cut-off and lonely for the past few months, be rest assured that this month will be a whirlwind of meets and greets. There is a new flow of people in your life and you will enjoy these connections. Some will have the potential to grow into strong long-term friendships.

You need to be extra vigilant and cautious when it comes to finances. There will be a tendency to splurge, with the social area of your life taking wings. Be wary of spending where it is not required. Take stock of your money matters before you commit to any obligations that you are asked of. Definitely not a good period to sign any new contracts and deals – avoid until this phase has passed.