October 2021

There is an immense activity on the relationship front and this will occupy the theme all around. There are chances of friendships being rekindled and even new ones being formed. However, this is also a period of impulsive decisions, so take heed with whom you associate as it may have long-lasting impacts. Focused attention and not speed is the need of the hour.

The high energy of this month seeps into every area of your life and you will feel generally up in spirits with vitality. This is a good time if you are looking to start a new venture. Action on the tasks that have been long pending and surrender any need for control to the divine. Let things flow the way they are supposed to be not how you envision them to be.

You are also being called upon to find a balance in your inner and outer worlds – don’t hesitate to take the first step as you are being provided with all the support you need right now. Engage in creative pursuits that nourish your soul and cherish your being. Mother and maternal figures are highlighted this month for you and through them, you will receive guidance and courage.