December 2021

Fruits of labor and Midas touch – what an abundant month this December is going to be! You have much to look forward to when it comes to your professional life. This will remain the focus area for the whole month. You will see stuck deals getting signed, conversations around career growth, and also salary increases. This is also a time to be judicious with the abundance flowing into your life and create a nest egg for rainy days.

This month, plan for the future in terms of where you want to be financially. If there is a venture that has been on your mind, it is a good time to start that in small ways and build up over time. This is an auspicious month for you to begin any business ventures or even seek out a dream job. The stars are shining upon you and will aid you in all your explorations and intent. There will also be a situation that will require you to make a choice – choose with discrimination.

At the same time, do not forget to enjoy the fruits of your labor. It is only when you honor the abundance that more flows into your life. Be grateful for this wonderful phase that is beginning and actively find ways to relish the pay-outs of all your hard work. You have earned it and you certainly deserve it!