October 2021

A mellow, calming and soothing energy washes over you this month, which will enable you to become more centred and tranquil. This slowing down is necessary after months of frantic running around and stress that you have built up. Rest and rejuvenation are very much the need of the hour and this month the universe is giving you all the opportunity to do exactly that. Attend to yourself and indulge in activities that help you relax.

On financial matters, there is an abundance written for this month. Pay-outs, bonuses, or even any stuck money will be released and will find its way to you. You have worked hard for this and you should now enjoy the benefits you are reaping. Get out of the mindset of lack and walk into the energy of abundance. What we honour, only ever grows.

This is also a good time to start looking into second sources of income. Build upon things that will allow you to have a passive source of income. This has the potential to flourish and grow with time. Don’t worry if you will be able to manage it all. Balance is the key and you know how to do that. Stop short-changing yourself and have conviction in your skills. You are well equipped to juggle things with aplomb, all you need to do is really, truly believe in yourself.