Her light footsteps announce her arrival

With her greeting smile, surroundings lighten

She’d laugh and the tingle of bells echo

She’d sing and the birds would stop to listen

Her words like sugar pour

Her advice is both sweet and sour

Her helping hand always to hold me

Her concerned eyes, my every activity, see

She’d console and the world seems fine

I see an angel in her – an angel divine

I wanna shed my tears, I know, I have her shoulder

She’s always there beside me, in every burden or boulder

To feel her beside me, I just have to close my eyes

Then I walk with her, in heaven, clouds and skies

She’d be there with me, I know, in every walk of life

She’d be there to help me in every plunge or dive

Words are not enough, to describe her beauty and grace

She’s a benevolent little angel, giving strength in solace.

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