Truth of Life

Staring into the dark black sky

With lightning flashing by and by

My thoughts drifting with the wind

Go back to days, now hard to find

I see myself like a dove

Drenched in the rain from skies above

Beaming with joy, cheer, and laughter

Free from bonds and nothing to matter

Things told and done

Were like balls of snow

Blow them away

And away they go

Today as I reflect

The days gone by

I feel a pain

Rise up and high

Everything done and said

Today matter the world

And I long for the days

Good old days of ‘gold’

Every bond and relationship

Today feels like cages

Tears roll down the cheeks

‘n laughter’s far since ages

Far beyond the horizon

Everything changes their hue

Days come and go by, ‘n it

Vanishes like drops of dew

Hurt though I may be

But smile today for others

Knowing he fact that

Nobody in the world bothers

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