Golden Egg Meditation

Golden Egg
Golden Egg
Image Credit: Barun Patro

This meditation is used to create a protective cover around your aura, thus avoiding any negative energy to affect you or reach you.

Step by Step Guide:

  • Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight.
  • Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  • Imagine that you are at a beautiful place in nature, preferably a place that you like.  E.g.: Oceanside, woods, mountains, lake, etc.
  • Look all round you and soak in the beauty of the place.  Feel the wind, look at the bright flowers and take in their sweet smell.  This is your sacred inner sanctuary.
  • Now imagine that in front of you there is a large golden lotus with 8 petals.  All the petals are open and you can see the inner core of the lotus.
  • Walk towards it and step into its soft cushiony core.
  • Now imagine, that the petals are slowly beginning to rise up towards the sky, with the lotus, all the time being rooted to the ground.
  • The petals now completely cover you and form a protective shield around you like an egg.
  • This is your Golden Egg or Bubble of Protection.  In here you are calm and at peace.
  • This Egg is semi-permeable and keeps out all negativity that is coming your way from others around you and your surroundings.  It also keeps out all negativity coming from within you in forms of negative thoughts, feelings, addictions and temptations.
  • Now visualise that any negative energy, thoughts, words or feelings coming towards you from outside, touches the surface of the Egg and bounces off, keeping you protected and calm.
  • Again visualise that any negative energy, thoughts, words or feelings coming from within you is also bounced off by this protection around you.
  • There is space for only goodness, kindness and compassion in this protective shield and you are now completely protected and safe on every level of your being.
  • Feeling completely safe, protected and at peace, give thanks to God and your Angels for this wonderful gift.
  • Sit with this feeling for some time and when you feel ready, rub your palms together, place them over your eyes and gently open your eyes.

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